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Irrigation – Lighting – Waterscaping Systems

The Landscape Division provides a wide range of products and services for the landscape and irrigation industries to support contractors, municipal and government agencies, property managers and landscape designers. Our facilities stock a large inventory of products for the installation, service and maintenance of irrigation systems, landscape lighting, drainage systems, water features, outdoor living products and power equipment. Our staff includes highly trained sales and service professionals, licensed Landscape Architects and Irrigation Association Certified Technicians, enabling us to support you and your project from start to completion.

Sewer – Storm Water Drainage – Water Distribution

For over 40 years Industrial Sales has provided products and services to the sanitary sewer, storm water drainage and water distribution industries.  We stock a large inventory of pipe, valves, fittings, equipment and accessories to complete a wide range of projects.  After many years of specializing in HDPE piping systems and related equipment, Industrial Sales is recognized as an industry leader in product knowledge and distribution for these project applications.

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Performance Pipe Gas Pipe

Gas Distribution – Gathering – Recovery Systems

Industrial Sales is one of the largest stocking distributors in the Midwest for gas pipe, valves, fittings, accessories and fusion equipment.  We have been providing polyethylene piping products and fusion equipment for gas distribution, gathering and recovery systems since 1985. We supply MDPE and HDPE gas pipe, which has been utilized for many years in the gas and oil industries and continues to be the product of choice for piping system installations.

Telecommunication – Cable – Power Transmission

Polyethylene pipe and fittings continues to be the product of choice for numerous applications and in a multitude of industries. HDPE is used for telecommunication fiber optics, electric cable protection and power transmission conduit for the growing wind farm industry. Installing polyethylene pipe conveniently from reels, paired with the application of fusion technology, increases efficiency for underground city installations, as well as long distance piping runs in rural locations for fiber optics and wind energy applications.

Telecommunication Conduit
Centennial Geothermal Loops

Geothermal – Ground Source – Conduit Systems

Geothermal conduit piping systems provide the best of all worlds for renewable energy; geothermal power is cost-effective, reliable, sustainable and environmentally friendly.  HDPE piping and fusion technology provides cost effective approaches and efficient installation processes to meet the needs of the geothermal industry.  Industrial Sales stocks and distributes products for ground source conduit systems including HDPE pipe, fittings, equipment and accessories for applications within the commercial and residential heating and cooling markets.

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